Praxis Aerospace Concepts Incorporated (PACInc) provides commercial and ITAR-Restricted training and services for multi-modal (ground-air-sea-industrial) response robotics and unmanned systems that benefit from the experience and “best practices” of the Praxis Aerospace Concepts family.

PACInc is a certified AUVSI TOP™ Level 3 Training Provider.

The PACInc team is designed to support regional training and standardization centers, thus maximizing training opportunities for geographically separate organizations and synchronizing theater individual and collective training for manned and unmanned teaming, air-ground integration and practical applications.

PACI has an on-site UAS flight operations facility at the Searchlight Airpark (1L3) . This facility provides briefing and operations rooms as well as computer access, restroom and storage areas for our clients utilizing our range for UAS operations.

Welcome to Searchlight, Nevada