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Operations Control Center Course (PACI-CRS-3-P-031)

PACI offers this classroom-based course commercial operators who want to improve their ability to exercise operational control in complex aviation activities using an "Air Boss".

Attendees of the course will receive instruction in the following areas:
”Air Boss” Duties and Responsibilities
-Aviation Weather.
-Flight Monitoring
-Air Traffic Control (ATC).
-Aviation Communication.
-Aircraft Systems
-Aircraft Limitations and Performance.
-Aviation Policy and Regulations
-Crew Resource Management (CRM).
-Preflight risk analysis procedures.
-Local Flying Area (LFA) Orientation.

Operations Control Center Functions
-Joint Flight Safety Responsibility.
-Written Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
-Leveraging Technology and Communication
-Provision of Situational Awareness Information.

During the Table Top Exercise (TTX), attendees will be taught the following duties:
-Provides oversight, supervision, direction to and is responsible for safety and coordination of all aerial resources when they are in flight.
-Provides leadership, information, and coordination with management and ground-based personnel regarding aircraft operations, performance and safety.

The course costs $1950 per attendee and locations will be scheduled here or upon request.

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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever