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Part 107 BVLOS Endorsement Course (August) (PACI-CRS-3-P-024-G19)

This 5-day course prepares a previously FAA-certificated Remote pilot for BVLOS operations under a Waiver of 14 CFR §107.31 during the period of 19-13 August 2019

Subject Areas include:
-Regulatory Structure Review
-Industry Best Practices (Including ASTM F3196 and the Pathfinder Reports)
-Aeronautical Charts and Navigation
-Crew Resource Management (including Visual Observers and Remote Visual Observers)
-BVLOS Mission Planning (UA limitations, UA programming, UA operational procedures)
-Operational Risk Assessment (including Checklists and Site Inspections)
-BVLOS Abnormal and contingency procedures (including Emergency procedures)
-Practical flight training (including a demonstration of remote pilot, ground and flight proficiency under our FAA-Approved BVLOS Waiver)

Successful completion results in documented certification that should be placed in the remote pilot's training record, as proof of passing that the flight crew member is trained and proficient in a manner consistent with how the sUAS will be operated under a BVLOS Waiver under 14 CFR §107.31 and 14 CFR §107.33.

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